Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a relatively new sport and one which is becoming very popular. This can be done on any stretch of water so our lake is the perfect location.
It is a great full body core workout and is a whole new way to experience the water and the outdoors. People of all ages , skill levels and experience can be up and riding in no time. It simply involves standing upright on a large board, with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Then using a long handled paddle, moving yourself along the water.

  Paddle Board Rentals

1 Hour

10€ Per Person
2 Hours 15€ Per Person



Duration 1 Hour / 2 Hours
Level Easy
Age Recommended

From age 14


Insurances, Paddle Board with Leash, Oar, Buoyancy Aid


Active Facilities
What To Bring

Swimsuit, Sun Cream, Towel, Hat/Cap



  1. Almodóvar del Río