Zip Line

Our zip line from the top of the wall to a point across the beach is great fun for all and you can even enjoy it without climbing the wall as we also have stairs inside to access it.
The zip line is a thrilling ride. It has been developed from an ancient method of transporting people and goods across deep valleys. It consists of a pulley suspended on a steel cable which is stretched between two points mounted on a slope. The user is propelled by gravity by holding on to, or attaching to, the freely moving pulley.
On our zip wire you can travel from the top of the climbing wall to the other side of the beach. Short, fast and thrilling and great fun for all age groups.

  Price for Rental
1 Go

4€ Per Person





Age Recommended

From age 7


Insurances, Instructor, First Aid, Helmets


Active Andalucía Facilities

What To Bring

Comfortable Clothes for the season, Sports Footwear



  1. Almodóvar del Río